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Impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction) is the most common sexual disorder in the male population.

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Impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction) is the most common sexual disorder in the male population.

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Impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction) is the most common sexual disorder in the male population. It is divided into two groups: partial or complete division. With partial erectile dysfunction, the man retains the ability to achieve an erection, but his quality decreases. In complete erectile dysfunction there is no potency even with sufficient excitement.

Causes and forms of impotence in men
Potency problems in men can occur at any age. Today, there are many reasons for the violation of libido in men. They are physiological and psychological. The disease can be successfully treated, the method of which depends on the form and etiology of the disease. According to statistics in one out of every 100 cases, this problem is irreversible. And it develops as a result of severe physiological disorders in the body. Dapoxetine online

There are seven types of erectile dysfunction:

– mental dysfunction – caused by depression, stressful situations, experiences, anxiety and complexes; Age dysfunction – due to the natural aging – process of the body and age-related diseases;
– hormonal dysfunction – develops under the effect of dysfunction of the gonads (diabetes, hypogonadism, pituitary tumor);
– neurogenic dysfunction – caused by spinal cord injury, herniated disc, cerebrovascular disease and multiple sclerosis;
– venous dysfunction – observed in cardiovascular diseases (excessive outflow of blood through the veins, inadequate arterial inflow);
– arteriogenic dysfunction – develops in patients with atherosclerotic lesions of the coronary and penile vessels;
Dysfunction of the cavernous tissue – accompanied by a disruption of the erection mechanism, changes in the structure of the blood vessels and the cavernous body of the smooth muscle of the penis. Cialis online
Physiological causes
For physiological reasons that cause the development of impotence in men, include chronic heart disease, blood vessels and the endocrine system.
Often there is sexual dysfunction due to insufficient testosterone production – the most important sex hormone whose function is to stabilize the patient’s strength and endurance. More serious disorders are observed when the level of female hormones (estrogens) increases with a decrease in testosterone levels.
A hormonal imbalance is not only dangerous for the development of erectile dysfunction, but also a violation of the general mental state.
Alcohol abuse, frequent smoking and drug use are also causes of impotence. Lack of physical activity (especially in case of unhealthy diet and overweight) impairs erection quality. levitra online

Psychogenic causes
Among the psychological causes of impotence are the fear of failure, communication problems with the opposite sex. Persistent depression also causes mental health problems. Among them: reduced self-esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence in their abilities – all this has a negative effect on the libido and leads to the development of impotence in the most serious cases. Worth mentioning is the reason such as education. Men who have received strict religious education in childhood may experience intimate problems. The injury also persists for a lifetime when the mother acts vigorously, coldly and despoticly toward her son: she humiliates, suppresses her personality, and makes no decisions. Psychologists also include specific sexual preferences – phobias, deviations, etc. Sildalis online

How to treat sexual disorders
The goal of treating impotence is to eliminate the cause of this disorder. Depending on the type of hormone therapy is prescribed by specialists, with stimulating drugs or herbal preparations and psychotherapy are used. For the qualitative treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to give up the addiction and to exercise regularly. If the cause of impotence is a hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy is required. These were prescribed medications containing testosterone. This treatment should be under medical supervision. The independent use of hormonal drugs is dangerous to your health. Viagra online

Stimulant drugs and pills
The stimulant therapy is made by drugs that improve the erection quality. Drugs contain strong selective inhibitors from the PDE-5 group that suppress the action of the enzyme that causes premature ejaculation. Your secondary task is to improve the circulation of the pelvic organ

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